Taking the 80s to Turks and Caicos

May of last year I was summoned to the Caribbean again for a special 80s themed birthday party. First off, this house that I was Djing in Turks and Caicos WAS INSANE. Drake had just stayed there the weekend before and there was definitely some left over "Hotline Bling" energy... if you know what I mean.

I absolutely love 80s music so this was not a problem for me at all. I started the night with what I call "80s" prom music. I imagine puffy sleeves, ballet flats, weird fog lights, Cyndi Lauper and heavy use of the synthesizer. Then for dancing, all my favorite 80s hits. Ugh it's so good. I couldn't help but dance and sing my puffy sparkling pink sleeves off.

The ladies were absolutely amazing! I think they were all coming from the East Coast and if I remember correctly, they were celebrating a 40th or 50th birthday party, paired with tennis tournaments (on the house court, obviously), themed nights, and customized umm intimate toys with the birthday girl's name featured on them. And they had a surprise guest appearance from a couple of singers who were dancing and singing to top boyband songs of all time. They had the ladies screaming! It was adorable. 

The weather in T&C was unfortunately super rainy and gloomy. My instagram fantasy of floating around a glass bottomed boat did happen, but just imagine super grey grey skies. I did see lots of turtles swimming underneath me. I did go see some live music and enjoy lots some fried conch obviously. 

Regardless the party was a night to remember. I hope they had as much fun as I did.

Here are some of my favorite 80s songs! 

DJ Kennedy 

Female DJ in Turks and Caicos! 

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