My First International Gig - January 2022 - BAHAMAS

(the wedding beach pre-party with the local dancers on the DJ stage)

Because it's January 2023, I can't help but think of my wonderful times in the Bahamas, this same week, last January. It was my first international gig ever, and I was freaking out when I got the call that I would be Djing two parties for an American couple getting married on the island. 

Besides being an awesome DJ, I did have a hidden agenda. For years, for years, for years, I have been seeing these swimming pigs on Instagram. I was hooked. I love pigs and put them on a beach and I was in love x1000. 

I flew in a day early checked into the Island House and went off to see the swimming pigs, hang out on iguana island, and play with nurse sharks and it was 10/10 such a good time. The highlight was actually swimming with the nurse sharks but picking up piglets on the beach was definitely high on there too. 

The next day I arrived at Baha Mar to prepare for the Beach Party Pre-Wedding Event, which was a celebration of the upcoming nuptials. At this party, we were out at the Baha Mar Beach Club for 5 hours of non- 
stop festivities. The vibe was that of a cruise if it had a private club with a very hip DJ conducting the 
event (me obviously). It may sound cheesy but it was far from it. Very high energy and loud music throughout the 
party. There were also these fantastic local Bahamian dancers that were hired to interact with the crowd. The crowd was alive and pumped the entire time. 

In my spare time I was able to explore Baha Mar and enjoy all of the rides, paddle-boarding, fish fry, swimming, pool time, bahama mamas (so many of them), and room service. 

To wrap up the weekend's events, I DJ'd the newlywed's after-wedding party at The Ocean Club, A Four Seasons Resort on the small private island. That resort has been the playground of many celebrities over the years. (i think The Weeknd was there the day before, or that may have been the other event I did in Turks and Caicos...) But this party was made up of festive wedding party members.

All of the guests crowded into the pool after the wedding and had a blast while I was playing high energy after-party dance music. While spinning the tunes, I managed to fill my time by throwing beach balls into the crowd. It was definitely a fun weekend in the Bahamas, and everyone had a ball (no pun intended.. ok yes it was)!

DJ Kennedy 

Female DJ in the Bahamas

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