Exploring Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, and Nantucket

(this is only pic I have, oyster eating!) 

Okay, can I just tell you I screamed when I found out I was djing in the Cape?! I've always wanted to go. I wasn't really sure what I would do but I knew for a fact, I was going to take full advantage and see all that I could, especially in such a small amount of time. 

My gig was on Saturday, and although this was my first time in Massachusetts, I knew I was going full send. I arrived Friday morning at 5am in Boston, from a red-eye, hopped in my rent-a-car and drove from Logan airport to Hyannis, which was like 90 mins. 2 lane drive, like the Hamptons. Parked my car, did my makeup and changed. Que: two piece earth toned linen co-od from Reformation.

Okay, so I may not have done a ton of research because I wasn't sure what time I would arrive to the ferry. I was really torn on what to do in Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard as I honestly wanted to see both. Based on the ferry's schedule I went with Martha's Vineyard but then I knew I wanted to ride a bike in Nantucket soo I shifted some things, had to wait longer and calculated that I would only have 3 hours on each island but that it was plenty especially since I would be alone. 

The first Hy-Line ferry took me to Nantucket. I rented a bike, parked it, and went to the beach. The weather was lovely and the water was so warm, and then I grabbed a bite to eat at Sandbar and just rode my bike to whatever looked cool. It was so cute and fun. Then I went to Martha's Vineyard, and because it's bigger I think I needed a car to explore more but I still enjoyed my time and had an AMAZING dinner at the Pawnee House. Salmon Wellington - to die for! I went to the beach and headed for my last sunset views and took the ferry back to Hyannis. It was a long day but so so worth it.

The following day was my gig. I explored the Cape a little bit prior, clam chowder, lobster roll, the beach, 75 degree ocean water temp! My part of the gig was very lowkey. I was playing cocktail hour and was requested to provide Pink Martini tunes. Here is a playlist of some of the music I discovered on my Pink Martini dive, it puts me right back on the islands: Hanging in the Cape. 

The day after my gig, Sunday, I went to Island Creek Oysters, a raw farm on my way to the airport where I ate hot dogs with caviar and lots of oysters. I ran out of time to see Boston, but I had a wonderful time and looking forward to exploring more! 

Also I think I made the cutest reel showcasing my trip, you can check that out here

DJ Kennedy 

Female DJ in Cape Cod 

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