Aloha Oahu Four Seasons!

I had the absolute joy of Djing a wedding in Oahu at the luxurious Four Seasons last fall. Not only did I DJ there but I also stayed at the resort. #feelingrichrich

It was a super exciting weekend that all started when I jumped in my bright yellow Mustang rent-a-car. I arrived the day before the wedding and had a whole day to enjoy the beaches of Oahu and the extravagant resort. I had a gorgeous Four Seasons suite all to myself with a mattress that was literally sent down from the heavens above. Literally the heavens above.

I didn't want to leave the bed but there was so much to do outside. Side note, the mattress cost about $3,000. I savored the most amazing spa bath and devoured the gorgeous balcony views in the Pacific. I enjoyed my Friday with sunbathing, beach fun and sipping piña coladas, which I paired with a lobster dinner. After that I enjoyed an amazing Hawaiian sunset.

The next day was the wedding. Before prepping my crates, I enjoyed a fabulous drive in the Mustang and then some room service. The couple was so much fun. We started the party with the classics like 'September' and 'Dance With Somebody,' and ended the night with 'Sandstorm' and 'Shout' as the festivities reached a fever pitch high, but the party was not over. 

We moved spaces to where I DJd a festive 3 hour long after party. It was a silent disco because of the local sound ordinance, but we had 3 channels of music going. Channel 1 was EDM, channel 2 was early 2000's Hip Hop and R&B, and the third channel was classic rock. It was definitely a raging party.

Mahalo to the fabulous newlywed couple and the Four Seasons!

DJ Kennedy 

Female DJ in Hawaii 

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