Questa è La Vita: Djing in Lago Di Como

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Mamma Mia! I can't believe that I had the chance to DJ in Italy this past fall, it is one of the most amazing places to visit, let alone DJ. 

The beginning of this year started it with a bang in the Bahamas. Not once, but twice. Officially became a Bahama Mama, with three island parties under my belt, then followed up with a gig in Turks and Caicos! But who knew there was a bigger opportunity waiting. 

I wouldn't have imagined that this year an opportunity to DJ in Europe would have come up. I am already thrilled to be a successful female DJ in L.A, a DJ in NY, and a DJ in Miami / Palm Beach and beyond! But the thought of appearing in Europe so soon blew me away.  

I was booked for a total of 3 events at the most bellisimo villas in Lake Como. The first event was at Villa Sola Caboti facing Lake Bellagio. I am trying to set the scene for you, as it was truly breathtaking. I was driving on the one road, going who knows where in the middle of Lago di Como, and I had to stop when I saw a picture-perfect villa wedding happening in front of me. Then it hit me this is the wedding party you will be djing for in just a few hours. Even thinking about it now, fills my little heart up. That was party #1. 

The next two events I dj'd were for another couple, who had an elaborate all week wedding celebration at Villa Pliniana, in Torno, overlooking the western side of Lago di Como. Breathtaking but in a different way, Mamma Mia x2!  The couple is actually from Orange County and I DJ'd their welcome party one night and their wedding after party a few nights later. Such a fun crowd, I felt like I was family by the end of it. 

I am so grateful that both couples trusted me, flew me to Italy, 6,000ish miles from LA to DJ their weddings. How unbelievable? Italy will always have a very special place in my heart, as I have spent much time there but to have the chance to take my musical passion to such a magnificent location left me speechless. We rocked those parties! They had the time of their lives and so did I!

At one point I was djing and eating freshly baked pizza, and I thought questa è la vita! This is the life! I can't wait to see what destinations and musical adventures are in store for me in 2023!

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